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Zara Tareen Biography, Husband, Age, Sister, Parents, Dramas


Zara Tareen is a Pakistani actress and fashion model. She is also interested in photography and has done some projects. But she is known as a supporting actress. Zara Tareen recently married American actor Faran Tahir. She is a beautiful girl and has a huge fan following on social media. Many of her fans want to know about her age, husband, sister, father, and dramas. Let’s take a look at the biography of actress Zara Tareen and all the other secrets related to her life and career.

Zara Tareen Biography: she is a Pakistani actress and fashion model.

Zara Tareen Biography

Zara Tareen is a supermodel and actress. She works in Pakistani Urdu dramas. Zara Tareen was born and raised in Karachi. She is currently based in the United States. She is a stunning actress and she has incredible acting skills. In this post, we have shared all the information about Zara Tareen’s husband, age, sister, parents, family, education, height, and weight. So read this page till the end and enjoy the complete biography of Zara Tareen in the following sections.

Zara Tareen Age

She was born on 26 January 1988 in Karachi, Pakistan. As of 2021, Zara Tareen is 39 years old.

Zara Tareen Height and Weight

If we talk about Zara Tareen’s height and weight? She is 5 feet, 5 inches tall. She weighs 55 kg.

Zara Tareen Education

Zara Tareen is a highly educated girl. She completed her early studies in Karachi. Then she moved to the United States and earned her degree from the University of Texas.

Zara Tareen Family

She is married and belongs to a wealthy family, who lives in Texas, United States. Zara Tareen’s father’s name is Iqbal Tareen, according to the source, Zara Tareen father is a businessman by profession. While Zara Tareen’s mother’s name is Nasreen Tareen. Besides, She is the eldest of her siblings. She has a younger sister named Hira Tareen, She is also a well-known Tv actress, working in Pakistani dramas.

Zara Tareen with her father Iqbal Tareen in front of their House.
Her mother, Nasreen Taseer is a housewife but she is also very active on social sites.

Zara Tareen Sister

Zara Tareen’s sister’s name is Hira Tareen. She is a famous Pakistani actress. Hira Tareen is 33 years old and married. Hira Tareen is the wife of actor Ali Safina and has a daughter named Mahgul Ali Safina.

Hira Tareen is younger than Zara Tareen about 6 years.

Zara Tareen Husband

Many of her fans want to know about her husband, his age, and all other information about him. So I would like to tell you that Zara Tareen is the wife of the American actor Faran Tahir. Zara and Faran got married in November 2021.

Zara Tareen wore a green dress on her wedding day and while the groom, Faran Tahir seemed in the white dress.

Who is Zara Tareen Husband

The husband of Zara Tareen has an artistic family background. He is the son of veteran actor Naeem Tahir and radio host, Yasmeen Tahir. Faran Tahir was born on 16 February 1963 in Los Angeles, California, the U.S. As of 2021, Zara Tareen’s husband’s age is 58 years old. But look at him, He looks like a young man.

Farah Tahir has two Kids, a daughter and a son.

Zara Tareen’s husband, Faran is an actor and performed in several Hollywood movies. In 2008, He appeared in the blockbuster Hollywood movie Iron Man in the role of Raza.

Faran Tahir started again a newly wedded life by marrying Zara Tareen at the age of 58.

Faran Tahir is already married and Zara Tareen is his 3rd wife. Earlier, Faran’s second marriage was to Marie Tahir but they separated. Faran Tahir and Marie Tahir have two kids, a daughter named Lina Tahir, and a son. And now he started again a newly wedded life by marrying Zara Tareen at the age of 58.

It has been reported that Faran Tahir and Zara Tareen separated after a little over a year of marriage.

Zara Tareen Wedding Pictures

Showbiz Career

Zara Tareen started her career as a photographer and did a little work then came to the limelight. In 2010, she began her showbiz career as a model and appeared in many fashion shows. She proved her mettle as a supermodel and impressed everyone. In the same year, she got a handsome offer from the drama industry then she turned to the Tv screen.

Zara Tareen Biography.

Zara Tareen made her acting debut with the drama serial Naqar-e-Khuda. But she gained huge fame by working in the drama serial Mushk in the role of Zuleikha Tayi. No doubt, Zara has only acted in a few dramas so far but she made a name for herself by working hard.

Dramas List

Here we have a complete drama list of Zara Tareen. Which you can see in the section below.

  • Naqar e Khuda
  • Zindagi Tuj Ko Jiya
  • Chirag Bali
  • Meri Nanni Pari
  • 100 Din Ki Kahani
  • Woh Aik Pal
  • Mushk
  • Doop Ki Deewar

Social Media Handle

Zara Tareen Instagram handle is ZTareen.

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