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Pakistani Rapper Eva B Biography, Age, Family & Husband

Eva B is a Pakistani rapper and singer who gained attention with her hip-hop tracks. She began her career in the music industry in 2018. In just a short time, she has reached the heights of success through her passion and hard work. However, she gained immense fame with her song “Apna Time Ayega” from the Bollywood film “Gully Boy”. The Kana Yaari rapper Eva B’s biography is very important to many of her fans because they want to know more about her.

In this article, we provide deep insights into Eva B’s biography, age, family, the meaning of her name, husband, and career. The following is a list of information about the trending Coke Studio’s Hijabi rapper Eva B.

This is a photo of Eva B. taken right outside her front door.

Who Is Eva B Rapper?

The latest Coke Studio season 14 features an array of professing new singers, including the hijabi rapper Eva B. As a street artist, she began her career in Lyari, Karachi and through her passion and hard work, she achieved great success. In addition to her powerful voice, she has a unique style of singing that won her fans. The majority of her fans are very curious about her life and career since they love her a lot. Let’s have a look at Eva B biography and get some insight into this famous lady’s life and career.

Eva B Name Meaning

Most people want to know what is Eva B’s real name and what her name means. Thus, I would like to inform you that Eva B explained the meaning of her name exclusively in a previous interview. In the story she tells, Eva B is a tribute to Eve (Amma Hawa), the first woman on earth.

Eva B Biography

Eva B is a rapper and singer from Pakistan who lives in Karachi. Lately, she has performed in the Coke Studio season 14. Her song Kana Yaari also gained popularity in the country. Eva was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan.

Eva B rapper biography.


She was born in Karachi, Pakistan.

Social Media Handles

Eva B Singer Instagram handle is @IamEvaaB


She lives in Karachi with her family, but so far, she hasn’t shared any more details about her siblings and parents.


She is not married yet.

A Rare photo of Coke Studio rapper Eva B wearing a hijab.


Eav B talked about her career and why she chose to become a rapper and singer in a recent interview with Coke Studio. According to her, she was attracted to rap music after hearing a song by Eminem. Currently, she sings and raps with her cousin Meer. Also, she works for a wide variety of top cosmetics brands and has a role in many fashion campaigns.

Coke Studio Songs

She appears in Coke Studio Season 14 on the famous Balochi song Kana Yaari, where her rapping ability is appreciated by listeners. As a result, Kana Yaari was quickly embraced by the viewers. In the song Kana Yaari, Kaifi Khalil performed as the lead vocalist, with Abdul Wahab Bugti who played the Tambura.

Here we gathered her stunning pictures, In which she looks drop-dead gorgeous and shows why she’s the new social media sensation of the nation. Let’s take a look at the most stunning pictures of her.

The Coke Studio season 14 behind the scenes picture of Eva B singing Kana Yaari Song.
Here's a beautiful picture of rapper Eva B and her cousin Meer, who are wearing the same outfit.
This is an behind the scenes picture from Kana Yaari Song.

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