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Hamza Tariq Jamil Biography, Age, Family, Wife, and Drama List

Hamza Tariq Jamil is an emerging Pakistani actor, model, and singer. He has appeared in the drama serials Nand, Masters, and Aitebaar. Hamza Tariq Jamil started his acting career in 2016. His first drama was “Mere Baba Ki Oonchi Haveli”. Let’s take a look at the biography of Hamza Tariq Jamil and find out more about his age, height, family, wife, and career in drama.

Actor Hamza Tariq Jamil Biography

Actor Hamza Tariq Jamil Biography

Hamza Tariq Jamil Age

As of 2023, actor Hamza Tariq Jamil appears to be 27 years of age. His date of birth is 5th January. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan.


Hamza Tariq Jamil completed a degree in Visual Communication and Design at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

Social Media Handle

His Instagram handle is @hamzahtj.

Actor Hamza Tariq Jamil Family

Hamza Tariq Jamil Mother

Who is the Father of Hamza Tariq Jamil?

His father’s name is Tariq Jamil he is a businessman.

Who is the Mother of Hamza Tariq Jamil?

The mother of Hamza Tariq Jamil is a housewife.

Does Hamza Tariq Jamil Have a Sister?

Hamza has a sister, but he has not disclosed her identity.

Who is the Brother of Hamza Tariq Jamil?

Hamza has a brother.

Who is the Wife of Hamza Tariq Jamil?

Hamza Tariq Jamil is not married yet.

Does Hamza Tariq Jamil Have a Girlfriend?

Hamza Tariq Jamil has no girlfriend and is currently single.

Showbiz Career

Showbiz Career

Hamza Tariq Jamil began his career as an actor and model. He has appeared in a number of TV commercials over the years. As an actor, Hamza Tariq Jamil starred in the short film “Bridge” with Mashal Khan.

Drama List

Hamza Tariq Jamel has acted in the following dramas:

  • Mere Baba ki Onchi Hawali
  • Meray Dost Meray Yaar Season 2
  • Churails
  • Meri Mishaal
  • Nand
  • Masters
  • Aitebaar
  • Habs
  • Khumar

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