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Sana Fakhar Appears Very Bold in a Green Saree


Sana Fakhar is a very gorgeous Pakistani actress with an attractive and bold physique. Recently, she posted some stunning pictures on her Instagram account showing off her beautiful body.

sana fakhar

Sana Fakhar was born in Multan, Pakistan, on 16 June 1979. She will be 44 years old in 2023. In spite of that, she looks like a woman in her early twenties. It is no secret that the actress is very conscious of her fitness and health. Almost every day, she goes to the gym to exercise.

sana fakhar and fakhar imam

It may surprise you to learn that she is the first cousin of actress Noor Bukhari. There is a family connection between her mothers in real life.

However, in today’s article, we will see the latest photos of Sana Fakhar wearing a bold saree. She recently shared stunning photos on her Instagram account. Have a look!

Sana-Fakhar-saree (3)
Sana-Fakhar-saree (1)
Sana-Fakhar-saree (5)
Sana-Fakhar-saree (2)
Sana-Fakhar-saree (4)

You can read some public reviews below about Sana’s recent photos.

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