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Indian Film Star Rakhi Sawant Accepts Islam

Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant has officially accepted Islam, as reported by the Indian media. The actress is making headlines for accepting Islam and changing her name to Fatima, which she used during her Nikkah ceremony with her husband Adil Kahn Durrani.

Indian Film Star Rakhi Sawant Accepts Islam

The Indian media has reported that Rakhi Sawant has happily settled down with Adil Kahn Durrani and that she has changed her name to Fatima. Last year, the couple had a court ceremony to tie the knot and since then, the two have been very happy together. Take a look at the pictures!

A beautiful picture of the actress with her husband Adil Kahn Durrani
A picture showing Rakhi Sawant accepting Islam
A picture of the actress showing off her Nikkah papers
Rakhi Sawant & Adil Khan's Wedding Nikah Video | Court Marriage

Rakhi Sawant has gained a great deal of respect from her fans for accepting Islam. The pictures of the happy couple went viral as fans congratulated her for her decision and for taking this significant step.

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