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Dhoka Drama Cast: Name & Picture – ARY Digital


Dhoka is a new 2023 romantic Pakistani drama series airing on ART Digital. The drama story centers on the relationship between Komal and Hadi. Dhpka drama lead cast comprises Affan Waheed, Komal Meer, and Agha Ali in the lead roles. Let’s meet with the actors of Dhoka, including their names, pictures, and brief biographies.

Dhoka ARY Digital Drama Cast Name & Picture

Dhoka Drama Cast: Name & Picture

Pakistani drama Dhoka cast consists of the following actors:

Affan Waheed as Hadi

Affan Waheed plays the role of Hadi in the drama serial Dhoka. He is a well-known Pakistani actor. Affan is 39 years old. His ex-wife’s name was Ayesha Jalali. Affan has been working in the drama industry since 2004 and his notable work includes, Do Bol, Dil Awaiz, and Jannat.

Dhoka Drama Cast

Komal Meer as Komal

In the cast of Dhoka, Komal Meer appears as Komal. She is a very talented and intelligent Pakistani actress. She is from Islamabad but currently, she lives in Karachi for her showbiz activities. Komal is 25 years old and unmarried.

Dhoka Drama Cast

Sanam Jung as Kainat

Sanam Jung plays the role of Kainat, the first wife of Ahmed, in Dhoka. She is married and has a daughter named Alaya Jaffry. Her husband’s name is Qassam Jaffri, and he works abroad as a pilot. Sanam is 35 and she has been hosting Jago Pakistan Jago for over a decade.

Dhoka Drama Cast

Agha Ali as Ahmed

Agha Ali plays the role of Ahmed in the drama Dhoka. He is 37 years old and married. His recent drama was Zakham on Geo TV. Agha Ali began his wedded life by marrying Hina Altaf in May 2020. His wife is also a famous drama actress.

Dhoka Drama Cast

Nausheen Shah as Hadi’s Sister

In the drama cast of Dhoka, Nausheen Shah appears as Hadi’s sister. She is 39 years old, yet, due to her fitness and beauty, she appears to be 30 years old. She has not been married yet.

Dhoka Drama Cast

Shagufta Ejaz as Komal’s Mother

The stunning and evergreen actress Shgufta Ejaz is cast as Komal’s mother in the drama Dhoka. She is a talented Pakistani actress and her family includes only daughters. Shgufta is 58 years old.

Shagufta Ejaz as Komal’s Mother

Javed Sheikh as Komal’s Father

Javed Sheikh plays the role of Komal’s father. He is a well-known Pakistan film and television actor. In addition to his acting, he belongs to a large family of television actors. Javed Sheikh is 69 years old.

Javed Sheikh as Komal’s Father

Atiqa Odho as Ahmed’s Mother

Atiqa Odho appears as Ahmed’s mother in the drama series of Dhoka. She is a stunning Pakistani actress. Atiqa is 65 years old. She has gained the attention of millions of viewers for her role as Mehwish in Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi.

Atiqa Odho as Ahmed's Mother

Seemi Pasha as TBA

Seemi Pasha is also the part of Dhoka cast. She is 64 years old.

Dhoka Drama Cast

Paras Mansoor as TBA

Paras Mansoor is a famous Pakistani actor who is well-known for his role in several TV dramas such as Sange Mar Mar.

Dhoka Drama Cast

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