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Eman Suleman Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Movies, Drama List

Eman Suleman is an emerging Pakistani actress and model. She has made her mark in the entertainment industry with her stunning looks and amazing talent. Let’s take a look at the biography of Eman Suleman and find out what her age, family, husband, movies, and dramas are.

Eman Suleman Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Movies, Drama List

Eman Suleman Biography:

Eman Suleman is a Pakistani model and actress who has made a name for herself since her debut in 2017. Born on 1 January 1992, Eman had always harbored dreams of embarking on an acting career. Since then, she has walked the ramps and appeared in advertisements.

She began her modeling career shortly after completing her education in 2017. As a model and an actress, Eman Suleman has been able to break the glass ceiling and is an inspiration to many. Her bold appearance makes her very popular among her fans.

In 2019, Eman received a nomination for Best Emerging Model at the 18th Lux Style Awards. She is best known for her role as Yasmeen in Sarmad Khoosat’s Aakhri Station. Besides this, Eman is also a vocal feminist who has endorsed causes such as students’ rights and the MeToo movement.

She is 31 yeras old.

Eman Suleman Age:

She was born on 1st January 1992 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Currently, Eman is 31 years old.


She received her education at Beaconhouse National University.


Eman has Canadian and Pakistani citizenship.

Social Media Handles:

Height, Weight & Physical Stats:

She has an average body type when it comes to her physical appearance. In terms of height, she is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 56 kilograms.

Family of Eman Suleman:

Eman lives in Karachi with her family. There is no information available about her mother, father, or siblings.

Eman Suleman Husband:

Eman married Syed Jamil Haider Rizvi on January 4, 2020. She wore a traditional gold and red ensemble on her big day. As for her husband, he wore a white kurta.

A picture of Eman with her husband Jamil Haider Rizvi

Drama List:

Eman has starred in several television dramas. She has acted in several short films, including Zindagi Tamasha. She appeared in the web series Churails as well. The following is a list of all the dramas she has appeared in.

  • Aakhri Station
  • Zindagi Tamasha
  • Churails

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