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Kadi Aa Mil Sanwal Yaar Ve Singer Asad Abbas Passes Away

Asad Abbas, the well-known singer from Coke Studio Season 6, has passed away today. The singer received the Pakistani Sangeet Icon Award and the Lux Style Award during his lifetime. It’s safe to say that death doesn’t consider age; it comes when it’s time. In today’s post, we’ll find out what happened to Asad Abbas and why he passed away.

Singer Asad Abbas Age, date of birth

Singer Asad Abbas was born in 1985 in Faisalabad. He was only 38 years old when he died. Asad Abbas had loved singing since he was a child. He learned to sing from his father, who was a classical singer. One of his famous songs is “Kadi Aa Mil Sanwal Yaar Ve,” featured in the television drama Raqs-e-Bismil.

Ayesha Omar and Asad Abbas at Hum Style Awards

What Happened to Singer Asad Abbas?

Asad Abbas had been dealing with kidney disease for the last few years. He had tried different medical treatments, but they didn’t work. Before he died, he was often seen giving interviews on social media. He also asked people and the government for help with his health.

Singer Asad Abbas cause of death

Today, singer Sohail Haider confirmed the news of Asad Abbas’ death on his Facebook account. After the news spread on social media, the entertainment industry has been very sad. We hope that Allah gives the deceased a place in Jannat al-Firdous and gives his family the strength to cope. Ameen!

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