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Actress Noor Bukhari Gives Birth to a Son

Noor Bukhari has become a proud mother once again following the birth of her son. The former actress took to Instagram to share the news of her newborn son’s arrival with her fans and well-wishers. Noor Bukhari expressed her gratitude to Allah and requested prayers for her son, Muhammad Ali Raza.

Actress Noor Bukhari Gives Birth to a Son

It’s worth noting that Noor’s marital journey has been tumultuous, with several failed marriages. Her first marriage was to a businessman named Vikram in 2008, which ended in divorce after two years.

She then married Farooq Mengal in 2010, which lasted less than a year. In 2012, she tied the knot with Aun Chaudhry and has a daughter with him, but unfortunately, this marriage also ended in a few months. In 2015, she married singer Wali Hamid Ali Khan, but this marriage also ended in 2017.

Actress Noor Bukhari Gives Birth to a Son

It was revealed in 2020 that she had remarried Aun Chaudhry. Despite the ups and downs, Noor continues to embrace motherhood with open arms. We wish Noor Bukhari and her newborn son much health and happiness.

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