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Ghana Ali Husband Biography, Age, Name, First Wife and Family (Who Is Umair Gulzar?)

Ghana Ali is an actress and model who has been making waves in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She recently married Umair Gulzar, a millionaire businessman from Karachi. To understand the couple better, let’s take a look into the life of Umair Gulzar, who is now the husband of Ghana Ali.

Ghana Ali Husband Umair Gulzar Biography:

Umair Gulzar is a millionaire businessman from Karachi who has achieved huge success in the business world. He started with a small business and gradually grew it into the Gulzar Group, a multi-million dollar empire today.

Ghana Ali with Her Husband Umair Gulzar

Umair Gulzar was born in Karachi in 1984 and completed his education at the University of Karachi. He has always been passionate about business, and his entrepreneurial journey started at a young age.

Ghana Ali posing with her Husband after the nikkah ceremony

Besides business, Umair Gulzar is an avid supporter of many social causes. He contributes to several charities and is a vocal advocate of educational and health initiatives.

Umair Gulzar lives in Karachi

On the other hand, Ghana Ali is an actress and model who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She is best known for her roles in Pakistani dramas such as Dilruba. She has also appeared in several Pakistani films, including Rangreza in 2017.

Ghana Ali and Umair Gulzar

Ghana Ali’s Husband’s Name

Ghana Ali’s husband’s name is Umair Gulzar.

How Old is Ghana Ali Husband?

As of 2024, Umair Gulzar is 40 years old. He was born in 1984.

Ghana Ali Husband Net Worth

Umair Gulzar is a billionaire Businessman.

Who is the Frist Wife of Umair Gulzar?

Besides having a son, Umair Gulzar has been married to his first wife for five years. You can see his first wife and son in the pictures below.

According to a Facebook post by Syed Ubaid, Ghana Ali’s husband already has a wife. Using his Facebook account, Syed Ubaid posted pictures of Umair Gulzar’s first wife and son, with a caption reading:

“It is really shocking and appalling to see what rich powerful men of our society are capable of doing! The so-called millionaire boss of Karachi. Mr. Umair can be seen below with his wife and son and how within 2 months his wife’s world came crashing down when he started an affair with the famous actress Ghana Ali! Pictures are circulating today of Umair’s marriage with Ghana Ali over the internet whereas his first wife and son had no idea this was going on. Is It even legal to marry a second wife without leaving the first?”

Ghana Ali Husband with his first Wife
ghana ali husband uamir gulzar with his first wife and son
Umair Gulzar first wedding photo with his first wife

Umair Gulzar and Ghana Ali Raza

Ghana Ali and Umair Gulzar tied the knot in 2021 and continue to live happily ever after. The couple now has two children. One is a daughter, Fajia, and the other is a son, Muhammad Elijah Umair.

With their immense wealth, good looks, and successful careers, Umair Gulzar and Ghana Ali are a power couple to be sure. We wish them all the best for the future and hope that their marriage will be a long and happy one.

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