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YouTuber Maaz Safder Performs Umrah with His Wife Saba Abbasi and Parents

Maaz Safder, Saba Abbasi, and their parents recently completed the Umrah pilgrimage together. The group was able to visit many holy sites and perform many religious rites during their time in Saudi Arabia.

He shares some of the most intimate moments from his journey with his fans and followers on YouTube, where he has over 2.5 million subscribers.

Maaz Safder Wife Saba Abbasi and his Parents

Maaz has been documenting his spiritual journey on his YouTube channel, and in a recent video, he shared some of the most memorable and heartfelt moments from his Umrah experience. You can enjoy his video here!

Finally umrah completed ♥️ | with my family 🤲🏻

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Maaz’s video is a beautiful and moving testimony to the power of faith and the transformative power of spiritual experiences.

Maaz Safder Perfuming Umrah with Wife Saba Abbasi

It was an honor for Maaz Safder to be able to perform Umrah with his wife Saba Abbasi and his parents. This was a very special moment for them and one that they will always remember.

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