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Ayesha Omar Faces Criticism after Wearing a Bold Outfit to a Party

Celebrity Ayesha Omar is facing backlash in wearing a bold and cheap dress at a party. Her white blouse drew criticism from social media users. Some said it was an example of artistic appropriation. Many others believed Omar was promoting Western values by wearing a ‘skimpy’ outfit.

Ayesha Omar Bold

Ayesha Omar is a very famous Pakistani actress and model. She has appeared in many tv dramas and fashion shows. Her face is full of beauty. Where fans like her because of her bold style. There are many people who hate her because she dares to wear very different clothes. People have criticized her for her fashion sense; however, she never takes notice and continues with her career.

We have already shared many pics of Ayesha Omar. She has worn many bold and beautiful outfits in the past. Like a few weeks ago, a bold photoshoot of her with Shoaib Malik went viral on social media. But one of the most daring looks of Ayesha Omar is the blouse with shorts outfit.

Ayesha Omar Bold

We see her wearing a blouse at a party, which is a bold choice for an actress. Ayesha Omar’s bold look and latest recent pictures have always been a big hit. She has a very alluring body tone. So this blouse and shorts outfit is for her and it will definitely make you go crazy for her. Have a look at the video below.

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