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Meet Anam Goher and Goher Mumtaz’s Adorable Son Suleiman Gauhar

Anam Goher and Goher Mumtaz are a power couple in the Pakistani drama industry. They have both worked on numerous hit dramas and have been praised for their on-screen chemistry. Recently, Anam Goher announced that she has given birth to a cute son.

Anam Goher and Goher Mumtaz

Well, hold on to your seats because we have some exciting news to share! Anam Goher recently spilled the beans that she had been keeping a BIG secret for several months. She gave birth to a precious little boy seven months ago, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for the happy couple!

Anam Goher Son

In a heartwarming post, Anam Goher shared a photo of her adorable son and revealed his name: Muhammad Suleiman Gauhar. She also shared his birthdate, which was 12.08.22. She expressed her joy in becoming a mother and thanked God for blessing her with a healthy baby.

Anam Goher

But wait, it gets even sweeter! Anam shared that her baby boy was born just one day before her birthday, making him the ultimate birthday gift! How cute is that?

The first picture of Anam Goher’s son, Muhammad Suleiman Gauhar, has been released! This adorable little bundle of joy is already stealing hearts all around the world!

The first picture of Muhammad Suleiman Gauhar
Muhammad Suleiman Gauhar

We are over the moon with excitement for Anam and Goher and their first addition to the family. Muhammad Suleiman Gauhar is one lucky little guy to have such loving parents and a whole fanbase rooting for him!

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