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Viral Sensation Ayesha Mano Debuts With ‘Badal Se Gaye’ Song

Ayesha Mano, a young lady from Pakistan, gained immense popularity on social media platforms after a video of her dancing at her friend’s wedding went viral. Her unique dance moves became an overnight sensation among netizens. Recently, Ayesha Mano made her debut with the song “Badal Se Gaye”.

Ayesha Mano

Ayesha Mano has appeared in several well-known modeling photoshoots in Pakistan after becoming a social media star overnight. However, her success also brought negative attention from some individuals who shared a video of her smoking and wearing revealing clothes on social media.

Viral Sensation Ayesha Mano Debuts With 'Badal Se Gaye' Song

Despite this controversy, Ayesha’s career continued to soar. She recently appeared as the leading lady in the music video for the song “Badal Se Gaye”. Notably, she wore the same green outfit that made her an internet sensation in the music video.

Check out the song video below featuring Pakistani TikTok star Ayesha Mano as the leading performer.

Badal Se Gaye | New Song 2024

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