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Juggan Kazim Shares Lovely Pictures of Her Daughter Noor Bano


It’s always a wonderful thing to see celebrity parents who are proud of their children – and that’s exactly what we’re seeing today as Juggan Kazim shares lovely pictures of her daughter Noor Bano.

Juggan Kazim

The famous Pakistani television host, who is also a mother of two, recently took to her social media to share a series of adorable photos of her daughter. The warm and endearing images have been winning hearts across the internet and have been viewed thousands of times.

In one picture, you can see Juggan Kazim lovingly gazing at her daughter. The little girl looks as happy as can be, and it’s clear that she loves spending time with her mom.

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Juggan Kazim Daughter Noor Bano Pictures

Noor Bano, the daughter of Juggan Kazim, was born on 9th October 2020; she is currently 2 years old. It’s not just her blue eyes that make this little girl special; she also has a very unique face.

It may surprise you to learn that Juggan Kazim had a divorce from his first husband in the past. Juggan married Feisal Naqvi in 2013 and thus started her second married life as a wife.

The adorable pictures show Noor Bano dressed in a white dress, looking like a princess! Thousands of people have shared the pictures on social media, flooding the internet with love.

Juggan Kazim looks absolutely overwhelmed in the pictures as if she is not able to believe that such a beautiful girl is hers. Check out the pictures!

A beautiful photo of baby Noor Bano
Juggan Kazim and her bule-eyed daughter Noor Bano
Baby Noor Bano playing in her garden at home
Noor Bano with her father Feisal Naqvi
Noor Bano in the company of her aunt
Baby Noor Bano enjoying her garden at home
Juggan Kazim embraces her daughter
The host with her son

We’d like to take a moment to congratulate Juggan Kazim on being such an amazing mum, and thank her for sharing these beautiful photos of her daughter Noor Bano.

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