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Mirza Bilal Baig Biography, Age, Family, Wife, TV Show, Career


Are you curious about who Reham Khan’s third husband is and what his background is? Here we have all information about his life and work from start to finish. Let’s take a look at the full biography of Mirza Bilal Baig and learn more about him.

Reham Khan husband Mirza Bilal Baig biography, age, family, wife, TV show, career

Who Is Mirza Bilal Baig?

Mirza Bilal Baig is making headlines for being the third husband of Reham Khan, the former wife of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. He is an experienced corporate professional and former model. He is a friendly and outgoing person with a great sense of humor. Bilal has been married twice before and has a child from a previous marriage. He is based in Seattle, Washington, and is said to be deeply in love with Reham Khan. We wish them a happy life together!

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Who Is Mirza Bilal Baig?

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Mirza Bilal Baig Biography:

Mirza Bilal Baig was born in Pakistan and is of the Muslim faith. He is a fashion model and actor with a background in the entertainment industry. It is not uncommon for him to appear in the media. He also performs mockery and produces humorous skits satirizing current events on social media.

He has appeared on several popular TV shows including The 4 Men Show, Dil Pey Mut Ley Yaar, and National Alien Broadcast. Take a look at the full biography of Reham Khan’s third husband Mirza Bilal Baig to find out more about him and to gain a greater understanding of the man.

Mirza Bilal Baig Biography:

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Real Name:Mirza Bilal Baig
Age:He is 36 years old.
Marital Status:Married
Wife Name:Reham Khan
Education:Graduate from IBA, Karachi.
Height:He is 5’10″ tall
Weight:69 kilograms
Social Media Handle:Instagram

Mirza Bilal Baig Age:

He was born in 1986 in Pakistan. Currently, Bilal is 36 years old.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats:

The model has an average body type when it comes to his physical appearance. In terms of height, he is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 69 kilograms.

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Family of Mirza Bilal Baig:

Currently living in Pakistan with his family, Mirza Bilal Baig has been married three times. The first woman he married was from his country of origin, Pakistan. He has a child from his second marriage.

The third wife of Mirza Bilal Baig is:

In his third marriage, he married Reham Khan, the former wife of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. The two got married in 2022, and this marriage generated much media and political attention in Pakistan. The two tied the knot in a simple and private ceremony in Seattle, Washington. His wedding pictures can be found here!

A beautiful photo of Mirza Bilal Baig with his third wife Reham Khan

In a Twitter post, his wife, Reham Khan, announced her third marriage with him, saying she had found her ‘soulmate’. She revealed that she and Baig are 13 years apart in age. Khan, who is 49, said that Baig and she share a 13-year age gap.

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It is unknown how long they knew each other before getting married. Whatever the circumstances, we wish them a happy and peaceful marriage.

We hope that share more details of their life together with their fans in the near future. In the meantime, we will keep you informed as we learn more about this couple.

Career & TV Shows:

He has also been featured in various television shows, such as “The 4 Men Show”, “Dil Pey Mut Ley Yaar” and “National Alien Broadcast”. In addition to this, Bilal is also a corporate professional, having worked with various companies in the past.

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There is little information available about his personal and professional life. He has kept a low profile and the media has not been able to find out many details about him. Is there anything you would like to add to the biography of Mirza Bilal Baig? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts. We will add it as soon as possible.

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