Maya Ali & Sheheryar Munawar Breakup Rumors Break Out After Unfollowing Each Other

Maya Ali & Sheheryar Munawar Breakup rumors break out after unfollowing each other on Instagram. Both are famous faces in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Sheheryar Munawar is a famous actor and model. Meanwhile, Maya Ali is also a well-known celebrity in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Both are popular stars and have also appeared in the film Parey Hut Love alongside one another.

Maya Ali

Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar have been seen together a few times. According to their public appearances, they appear to be inseparable. Nevertheless, a few months ago, Shehryar Munawar had announced his engagement to Hala Soomro, but they parted ways after a short while. Even at that time, social media was full of speculations that the engagement had ended because of Maya Ali.

Maya Ali & Sheheryar Munawar Breakup

The Reason Behind Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar Breakup Rumors?

Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar have been very close friends for a few years. But their relationship has always been a mystery. The two appeared together for the first time in “Parey Hut Love”. They also shared many pictures together. Despite this, rumors claim that the couple has split up. They have unfollowed each other on Instagram and that is the reason why people are speculating about Maya Ali & Sheheryar Munawar breakup.

An Instagram Post

There are rumors that Maya Ali may have found a new romantic interest after breaking with Sheheryar Munawar. Her recent comment regarding Bilal Ashraf, her celebrity crush, revealed her new relationship.

Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf at Hum Style Awards Ceremony

On the other hand, Internet users commented that if Syra Yousuf and Sheheryar get married, they might have fairytale babies because of their great on-screen chemistry. So, let’s wait and watch!

Syra Yousuf and Sheheryar MUnawar

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