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Momina Sundas Syeda Biography, Age, Husband, Family & Much More

Momina Sundas Syeda is a famous Instagram personality, YouTuber, host, and dentist doctor. She also runs her YouTube channel, where she uploads funny podcasts and tries to make people smile. Also, she has 566k followers on Instagram, who praises her for her ravishing beauty. Here we are going to share Momina Sundas Syeda biography and tell you everything about her professional and personal life.

Momina Sundas Syeda

Momina Sundas Syeda Biography

Momina Sundas Syeda’s beautiful face and charming smile grab everyone’s attention. She’s an Instagram personality, YouTuber, host, and dentist. Also, she is the cousin of Shahveer Jafry, a famous YouTuber. Momina is a very talented, responsible, and passionate woman, who wants to bring a positive change to society. Her Instagram and YouTube videos are known for their wonderful sense of humor and innocence, which makes her an ideal choice for everyone.

Momina Sundas Syeda Biography
Momina Sundas Syeda Biography

She’s the total package as a social media sensation as she has pretty nails, a big personality, a gorgeous smile, and perfect hair. Everyone loves her updates because of her humor. Let’s take a look at Momina Sundas Seyda biography in the following sections given below.

Momina Sundas’s Age

She was born in 1992 In Lahore, Pakistan. As of 2022, she is 29 years old.


Momina Sundas holds a BDS degree in dentistry from the Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore. She is an award winner in both fields.


Momina Sundas belongs to the Syed family and lives in Lahore, Pakistan. Her father is a businessman by profession while her mother is a housewife.

Momina Sundas with her mother
Momina Sundas with her Father

Momina Sundas Syeda’s Husband

Momina Sundas Syeda tied the knot with Shahzeb on 1st January 2022 in a private ceremony. The wedding was attended by only family and close friends, including Shahveer Jafry and Ayesha Beig. Momina Sundas’s husband Shahzeb is a respected and well-known businessman. Momina and Shahzeb engaged last year in a simple ceremony.

Momina Sundas with her husband

Wedding Pics

Here we have gathered Momina Sundas Syeda’s wedding pics from the ceremony, Have a look!

She wore a red dress on her wedding day.
Monia Sundas Wedding Pics
Momina Sundas with her husband Shahzeb
Shehveer Jafry and Ayesha Beig at Momina Sundas's wedding


Momina Sundas Syeda is a qualified dentist doctor and registered medical practitioner from Lahore, Pakistan. Apart from dentistry, she is a high-profile social media personality, who has 566k followers on her Instagram Page. She also has over 25k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Additionally, she hosts a YouTube channel “Honest Hour Podcast” with a 40% equity share in the earnings.

Momina Sundas at her clinic

Momina Sundas Poetry

Glamorous Momina Sundas Syeda is a poet too and shared many videos on her social media pages that show us a different side of her as a person. If you a lover of her style? Check out Momina Sunda’s poetry video below to know the fine quality of her poetry.

URDU POETRY COMPETITION ll Full Part ll Shahveer Jafry ll Honest Hour ll Momina Sundas Syeda

Social Media Handle

Momina Sundas Instagram: CallMeSundas

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