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Kiran Ashfaque Responds to Trolls after Divorcing Imran Ashraf

Kiran Ashfaque, who was recently in the news for divorcing her husband Imran Ashraf, has responded to trolls who have been criticizing her on social media. A few days ago, Kiran Ashfaq and Imran Ashraf officially ended their marriage amicably.

Currently, Kiran Ashfaque is enjoying her time off in Dubai. She is living her life to the fullest and has no regrets about her past relationships. Kiran is a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants in life. She is enjoying her freedom and is not looking back.

As a result of Imran Ashraf’s divorce, she received negative feedback from fans. Since then, she has been getting questions and comments from both supportive and unsupportive people. Some people have been asking why she divorced Imran, while others have made hurtful remarks.

Today, Kiran Ashfaque has taken to social media to respond to the trolls harassing her concerning this issue. She posted a dancing video to her Instagram account that contained a powerful message. Take a look!

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