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Hareem Shah Lips Surgery Has Now Got Her In Trouble

TikTok star Hareem Shah lips surgery has gone wrong and she can’t do anything but sit in bed? Popular TikTok sensation Hareem Shah has gone viral on the internet for her crazy lip enhancements. With over 3.9 million followers, not only has she become a sensation on TikTok, but also among the Pakistani youth.

Hareem Shah Lips Surgery Has Now Got Her In Trouble.

Hareem Shah has been in the public eye due to her extremely bold presence on social media. She is famous for her controversies and her aggressive persona on social media. Her TikTok videos made her a star and she became popular in Pakistan due to her bold style. Recently, she confirmed her marriage to a businessman Bilal Shah.

It’s clear from her recent video that she had a lip filler procedure done to her lip because they are so small. After her lip surgery, there has been some buzz on Instagram recently about a video of Hareem Shah in which she talks about her lips surgery process that went wrong. According to her, she had to stop the process of her lips filler process due to the FIA freezing her bank accounts, which was a consequence of a money laundering case. She found out her accounts are now frozen after getting a phone call from officials. Here is the video.

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