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Who is behind the hashtag boycott Kangana Ranaut?

Who is behind the hashtag boycott Kangana Ranaut? And what did Kangana Ranaut say in response to this hashtag #Boycott_KangnaRanaut? Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut said, that the industry mafia is behind the trend of hashtag boycott Kangana Ranaut on Twitter.

According to the Indian newspaper, Kangana Ranaut said, this is an attempt by the mafia of the film industry to bring him down. She is often accusing the presence of mafia in Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut tweeted on her official Twitter account,

Amazing trend boycott Kangana Ranaut is running on Twitter. The rats are coming out of the bills.

Last week, Kangan claimed that the movie mafia was trying to suspend her Twitter account. So she was using her limited time to expose the mafia on a micro-blogging site Twitter. Earlier, her sister’s Twitter account was also suspended due to a controversial post.

In an interview with Republic TV, Kangana said that the movie mafia wanted to destroy her financially. He said that Tanu Weds Manu Returns was about to be released. And with that, she will come to the first position, But suddenly a case was brought against her and she was removed from 19 brands. She said she was in trouble because of it.

Kangana Ranaut also said that her chances of getting married and starting a family were lost due to misrepresentation. She said Karan Johar has openly said that I should quit Bollywood.


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