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Hina Huma Nafees Biography, Age, Husabnd & Drama List

If you are wondering about the famous Pakistani drama writer Hina Huma Nafees, who she is and where she hails from, then you have come to the right place. We can help you better understand her by providing information about her age, husband, family, and dramas. The following article gives you Hina Huma Nafees biography & drama list details. Here is all the information you need to know about her.

Hina Huma Nafees Biography, Age, Husabnd & Drama List

Hina Huma Nafees Biography

It is important to note, before we begin Hina Huma Nafees biography, that both are twin sisters as Huma and Hina. Both of them are drama script writers and collaborate together, known by one name: Hina Huma Nafees.

Huma is older than Hina. Both sisters are married and live in Karachi with her families. Huma Nafees is the mother of a daughter while Hina is also mother of a son.

There are many ways to feel about her, but she is a great writer who has always put her heart and soul into her work. Read Hina Huma Nafees biography and drama list below. We also cover her family, husband, and children to learn more about her personal life.

Real Name:Hina Nafees
Huma Nafees
Age in 2022:Not Available
Date of Birth:Not Available
Marital Status:Married
Home Town:Karachi
Social Media Handle:Hina Nafees
Huma Nafees

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There is a question that everyone wants to know: Who is Hina Huma Nafees husband and what is his name? The reason is that she is a very popular Pakistani drama script writer who has a huge fan following on social media. Her fans are very enthusiastic about her and want to learn more about her.

Her father’s name is Nafees Ahmed and her mother’s name has not been revealed. She has two brothers named Wajahat Ahmed and Naveed Ahmed. But despite searching a lot on the internet for her husband, we could not find any information about him. It appears that she has yet to share anything about him, such as his name and pictures.

Father Name:Nafees Ahmed
Mother Name:Not Available
Husband Name:Not Available
Brother Name:Naveed Ahmed
Wajahat Ahmed

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Drama List

Below is a complete list of Hina Huma Nafees dramas; Have a look!

Drama NameRelease DateChannel Name
Choti Choti Khusiyan2013Geo TV
Gila Kis Say Karein2015Express TV
Baray Dhoke Hain Iss Raah Mein2016Aplus TV
Mohabbat Mushkil Hai2017Hum TV
Adhoora Bandhan2017Geo TV
Malaal e Yaar2019Hum TV
Munafiq2020Geo TV
Soteli Maamta2020Hum TV
Fasiq2021Geo TV
Roag2022Hum TV

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