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Actress Eshal Fayyaz Opens Up About Her Stepfather

Eshal Fayyaz is a famous Pakistani tv actress and a model. She started her career as a fashion model, later she turned into an actress. She appeared in many dramas as a supporting character. But she gained her fame from the drama serial Abro in 2015. In which she performed the lead role along with Noor Hassan. She surprised people with her excellent acting skills and won the hearts of millions. Besides that, She also working with various fashion brands.

Recently, She appeared at the Good Morning Pakistan morning show. Where she opened up about her personal life stories with host Nida Yasir. She talked incredibly about her stepfather. She said she was only three or four years old when her real father died. So her mother remarried. But unfortunately, her stepfather was a devilish man. Eshal Fayyaz said her stepfather had tried to rape her three times. But when her stepfather tried to rape her for the fourth time, she told her sister everything. After which Eshal Fayyaz’s mother divorced her second husband and never married again.

What other amazing revelations did Ashley Fayyaz make in her interview? Watch the video below.


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