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News Anchor Aroosa Khan: Wiki, Age, Family, Husband, Biography

Aroosa Khan, the name that’s been making waves in recent times, is a news anchor with an impressive career spanning various media platforms. Rumors and speculations have been buzzing about her alleged status as the third wife of the renowned news anchor, Iqrar ul Hassan. Let’s take a look at the information about Aroosa Khan, her age, her Wiki profile, her biography, her profession, and her relationship with Iqrar Ul Hassan.

Aroosa Khan Wiki & Biography

Aroosa khan Wiki, biography, age, profession,

Who is Aroosa Khan?

Aroosa Khan, the focal point of this intriguing narrative, is more than just a name. She is a digital journalist and lifestyle anchor with a multifaceted role.

Her work encompasses various domains, including the fashion industry, housing, human rights, women empowerment, and child rights issues. Her Instgram handle is @aroosakhan_anchor.

Presently, she plies her trade at SA Digital, a platform led by Iqrar ul Hassan himself. Hailing from Okara, her connection with Iqrar appears to be deeply rooted, as per the whispers that have been circulating.[1]

Aroosa Khan Age

How Old is Aroosa Khan?

Newanchor Aroosa Khan was born and raised in Okara, Punjab, Pakistan. The exact date of her birth is unknown.


Aroosa is an integral part of SA Digital, a platform overseen by none other than Iqrar Ul Hassan himself.

Who is Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Wife?

Iqrar ul Hassan, the popular news anchor, has led an interesting marital journey. He initially embarked on this voyage in 2006 when he married Qurutulain Iqrar. Their union brought forth a son, Pehlaaj Hassan, and Qurutulain’s career transitioned from newscasting to teaching.

In a surprising twist, Iqrar undertook a second marriage in 2012, this time with Farah Iqrar. For a period of five years, this marriage was kept a secret, with Iqrar stating that it was not clandestine.

Farah expressed open support for Iqrar’s right to marry again, as specified by Islamic and Pakistani law.

Did Iqrar Ul Hassan Get Married to Aroosa Khan?

The most recent rumors and speculations surround Iqrar ul Hassan’s possible third marriage, and Aroosa Khan is at the heart of these whispers.

Aroosa Khan with Iqrar Ul Hassan

Reports circulating on social media platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter) suggest that Iqrar might have embarked on this new journey.

However, amidst the swirl of rumors and speculations, Iqrar has maintained a shroud of silence, neither confirming nor denying his alleged union with Aroosa Khan. The enigma surrounding this possible union continues to captivate the curious minds of many.

Aroosa Khan looks beautiful in yellow

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