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Mor Chaal Green TV Drama: Cast, Crew, Story, Timing, Release Date


Mor Chaal is a new romantic drama series on Green TV. The drama story revolves around the lives of people living in a rural area. Mor Chaal drama cast features Agha Ali, Mansha Pasha, Srha Asgar, and Abbas Ashraf Awan in the lead roles. Let’s look at the interesting facts about the Mor Chaal Pakistani drama, such as its story, cast, timing, schedule, and release date.

Mor Chaal Green TV Drama: Cast, Crew, Story, Timing, Release Date

Mor Chaal Pakistani Drama Details

Mor Chaal is a new romance drama serial that aired on Green TV. The drama writer is K Rehman and the director is Dilawar Malik. The drama is produced by Khurram Riaz and Irum Awan.

Mor Chaal drama cast includes the following actors:

  • Mansha Pasha as Maheen
  • Agha Ali as Asher Ibrahim
  • Srha Asghar as Aroosa aka Bano
  • Abbas Ashraf as Zafri
  • Ali Josh as Anees
  • Baber Ali as TBA
  • Laila Wasti as TBA
  • Samia Butt as TBA
  • Dua Khan as TBA
  • Zohaib Haiderv
  • Khalid Butt as TBA
  • Saima Saleem as TBA
  • Saad Rasheed as TBA
  • Mariam Shafi as TBA
  • Asad Mehmood as TBA
  • Ahmed Sufiyan as TBA
  • Faisal Khichi as TBA
  • Anwar Aziz as TBA
  • Rana Aftab as TBA
  • Sohail Tariq as TBA
  • Asif Khan as TBA
  • Dashi Pathan as TBA
  • Jawad Butt as TBA
  • Lubna Butt as TBA
  • Zahid Bashir as TBA
  • Memoona Quddos as TBA
  • Maham Khawaja as TBA
  • Shabana Qureshi as TBA
  • Zahid Zardari as TBA
  • Doctor Tabassum as TBA

Release Date:

Mor Chaal drama release date is 13 December 2023.

Mor Chaal Drama Story:

The story of “Mor Chaal” focuses on rural community issues, like harassment, women’s rights, social and economic oppression, and power misuse.

Anees, abusing the authority granted by his father, Peer Daud, becomes obsessed with Aroosa. He crosses ethical boundaries and exploits his power.

Maheen, a committed lawyer, fights for women’s rights and opposes injustice. Agha Ali takes the lead role, while Babar Ali and Ali Josh excel as antagonists.

Drama Timing:

Mor Chaal drama airs every day at 7:00 pm on Green TV Entertainment.

Where to Watch:

Watch Mor Chaal live on the Green TV channel or stream it on YouTube.

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