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Actress Sanam Jung Tested Positive For Covid-19

Drama Qarar actress Sanam Jang tested positive for coronavirus. Sanam Jung has announced on her official Instagram account’s story, that she tested positive for covid-19. she wrote,
“I want to tell my loved ones that I tested positive for the coronavirus, But thanks to ALLAH, there were no serious symptoms of Corona, but I still quarantined myself with my daughter.”

Host and actress Sanam Jung appealed to people to take the coronavirus seriously. The disease is not a myth but Bitter truth, so take all careful steps to avoid it, wear the mask, and stay safe at home while avoiding public places. Sanam Jang finally asked her fans to remember her and my daughter in prayers.

Sanam Jang has also released a video about her health. So let’s take a look at it.


Just yesterday, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan had announced on a social networking site that she was tested positive for coronavirus.

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