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TikTok Star Dolly Remakes “Tume Milke Dil Ka” Her Own Style

Dolly is a popular TikTok star from Pakistan. She has gained a huge fan following for her creative and catchy videos. Recently, she decided to recreate a popular Bollywood song, “Tumse Milke Dil ka Jo Haal Kiya Kare” from the movie “Main Hoon Na .”

The original song features actors Sushmita Sen and Shahrukh Khan and is a classic in the Bollywood genre. Dolly’s version features herself and her friends and has quickly gone viral on the Internet.

Today, she comes with another hit, Dolly published a video in a black saree on her Instagram page, claiming it was made at the request of her fans.

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TikTok Star Dolly

In the viral video, Dolly wears a traditional Indian saree. It is clear that some girls and boys are having fun while listening to the catchy tune.

In return, she faced severe backlash, as many people felt that her version was unattractive. Despite the backlash, Dolly seems to be unbothered by the haters and is continuing to produce content that her fans love.

Over 30k people have watched Tiktoker Dolly’s video on Instagram, and users have left tons of hilarious comments. Several others praised her traditional dress and her rendition of the popular song.

If you’re a fan of Bollywood music, be sure to check out Dolly’s version of “Tum Se Mil Ke.” Take a look!

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