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Hamna Ali Shares The Humorous Story of Her Marriage to Ali Abbas


Hamna Ali is a beautiful individual in the Pakistan drama industry. She is the wife of talented actor Ali Abbas, the son of a famous Pakistani actor, Waseem Abbas. She comes from a non-artistic family in Karachi. Hamna Ali married Ali Abbas in 2012. She and Ali Abbas have two children, a daughter named Raeesa Ali and a son named Salar Ali.

As well as being a mother of two, she is also a very competent wife. She likes to take care of her husband and children. In general, she avoids social media. But here are some of her rare family clicks with her husband and daughter.

Hamna Ali
Hamna Ali with her husband Ali Abbas
Hamna Ali and Ali Abbas
She is with her husband and daughter Raeesa Ali.
Weddind Picture of Hamna Ali

Recently, She did an interview with Tabish Hashmi. During the interview, Hamna Ali and her husband Ali Abbas told the host their humorous love story.

In Hamna’s words, they didn’t know each other before marriage. Ali did, in fact, take two suitors for herself, but their relationships did not work out very well, she adds.

Afterward, she met Waseem Abbas, her father-in-law, and shared that Ali and her often fight. She tells us anything more about her relationship, Here you can watch the video!

Would you consider them to be a perfect couple, do you not consider them to be one? How did you feel about them? Tell us in the comments section below.

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