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Abdullah Kadwani Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Net Worth & Career


Abdullah Kadwani biography, age, height, weight, family, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, and net worth. He is a well-known Pakistani actor, producer, and director with an extensive career in Pakistani drama. Let’s take a look at the biography of Abdullah Kadwani and learn more about his life.

Abdullah Kadwani Biography

Abdullah Kadwani Biography

Abdullah Kadwani is a well-known Pakistani actor, producer, and director, with an extensive career spanning over 25 years in the Pakistani drama industry. His current job is managing director at Geo Entertainment TV, one of the country’s biggest entertainment channels.

He was also a top model in the 1990s, ranking among the top models in the country. Abdullah began his acting career on PTV in 1994 and quickly became a household name. He has since acted in several popular TV dramas, including Chand Grehan, Hawain, and Adam Hawwa Aur Shaitan, to name a few.

Apart from acting, he is also an accomplished producer who founded his own production company, 7th Sky Entertainment, in 2004. He has produced several hit dramas under his company, 7th Sky Entertainment, including Khaani, Rang Mahal, and Tere Bin.

Abdullah Kadwani Age, Net Worth, Education, Height, & Weight

Abdullah Kadwani Age

He was born on 8 August 1968 in Karachi, Pakistan. Abdullah is currently 54 years of age.


He completed his early education in Karachi.

Net Worth

It is estimated that Abdullah Kadwani will have a net worth of 60 million Pakistani rupees by 2023.

Social Media Handle

He maintains an active presence on social media, and his Instagram handle is @abdullah.kadwani. He often shares glimpses of his personal and professional life with his followers.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

His height is 5’11” and he maintains a fit physique. His weight tends to hover around 70 kilograms.

Abdullah Kadwani Family

He lives in Karachi with his family. He married Warda Kadwani. The couple has four children, including a daughter and three sons.

Abdullah Kadwani Family

Abdullah Kadwani Wife

His wife name is Warda Kadwani. She is also a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

A picture of his wife Warda Kadwani

Abdullah Kadwani Son

He is the father of three sons, Shahveer Kadwani, Rayyan Kadwani, and Haroon Kadwani. He is a devoted father who frequently posts pictures of his children on social media.

Abdullah Kadwani Son

Abdullah Kadwani Daughter

He is the father of a daughter named Muskan Kadwani.

A picture of his daughter, Muskan Kadwani

Showbiz Career

He has a stellar showbiz career. Starting as a model in the 1990s, he quickly rose to fame and became a sought-after model throughout the country. After his talent and good looks caught producers’ attention, he made his acting debut in 1994.

Since then, Kadwani has acted in numerous TV dramas and won several awards for his performances. He has also made his mark as a producer and formed 7th Sky Entertainment in 2004, which produced several hit dramas over the years.

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