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Shahzeb Khanzada Performed Umrah with His wife Rushna Khan


Shahzeb Khanzada is a famous Pakistani news anchor and his wife Rushna Khan is an actress and model. The couple recently performed Umrah together. This was a very special moment for the couple as it was their first time performing Umrah together.

As a result of ALLAH’s blessings, Shahzeb and Rushna are grateful to have been able to complete this special journey together.

This year they were able to take the time out and embark on the journey together. This was the first time that Shahzeb had performed Umrah and he was very excited to be able to do it with his wife. It was their first trip together after being married for a little over a year.

The following are some recent social media pictures of them performing Umrah together. Take a look!

Shahzeb Khanzada with wife performing Umrah
Shahzeb Khanzada and Rushna Khan

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Shahzeb Khanzada and Rushna both dedicate themselves to their faith, and they believe Umrah is very important to them.

Rushna Khan with husband
Shahzeb Khanzada and Rushna Khan

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