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Aamina Sheikh Blessed With A Son

Pretty face Aamina Sheikh blessed with a baby boy. She took to her Instagram account and shared her newborn baby pictures. In the pictures below, she can be seen holding her son in her arms with her husband and daughter. But she has not yet revealed his son’s name. Aamina Sheikh son was born on 3 September 2021 in Dubai.

Aamina Sheikh is one of the most decent Pakistani actresses and fashion models. She started her career as a fashion model then she moved on the TV screen in 2008. Aamina made her acting debut with a telefilm Baarish Mein Deewar with Mohib Mirza, which aired on Aag TV.

aamina sheikh

During the shooting of Baarish Mein Deewar, Aamina and Mohib Mirza fell in love with each other. They were seen together many times. In the end, they got married and started a beautiful life.

Aamina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza’s marriage lasted for about fifteen years and then they both separated due to personal issues. Mohib Mirza and Aamina Sheikh also have a daughter named Meissa, who live with Aamina after they separated.

aamina sheikh and mohib mirza

In the year 2021, Aamina Sheikh decided to remarry. This time she married Omar Farooqi, who lives in Dubai. According to social media news, Her husband is a businessman by profession.

aamina sheikh with her 2nd husbnad omer farooqui

And today, a piece of good news has come from her house that Aamina Sheikh becomes a mother of a son. All family members including little Miessa are very happy on this occasion. Here we have some beautiful pictures of Aamina Sheikh with her son, daughter, and husband. Have a look at them below.

aamina sheikh blessed with a baby boy
aamina sheikh holging her son
aamina sheikh son was born on 3 september 2021
aamina sheikh with her family
aamina sheikh with her daughter

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