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Shahood Alvi’s Most Beautiful Moments with his Daughters

Shahood Alvi is a proud father of three beautiful daughters. He cherishes every moment he spends with them and loves to share his most cherished memories with them. Shahood’s daughters are his world and he would do anything for them.

It is well known that Shahood Alvi is a Pakistani actor, director, and producer. From 1994 to the present, he has appeared in numerous Pakistani dramas and telefilms. He marries Samia Alvi and has three beautiful daughters: Areeba Shahood, Sajal Shahood, and Areeja Shahood.

Shahood Alvi with his wife Saima Alvi
Shahood Alvi and Saima Alvi

Having the same appearance as their mother, Shahood Alvi daughters are very cute and chic. One of Shahood’s most cherished memories with his daughters is from their youth when he and his wife enjoyed playing with them.

The moments he spends with his daughters are very special to Shahood, and he finds himself constantly grateful for their interaction and laughter. He wishes that they can live every moment together as long as possible.

A look at Shahood Alvi’s Daughters’ Pictures!

Shahood Alvi loves his daughters more than anything in the world and he is so grateful to have such amazing girls in his life. He knows that they will always be his little girls, no matter how old they get. They bring him so much joy and he cherishes every moment he spends with them. Here are some beautiful pictures of his daughters. Take a look!

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shahood Alvi daughters
Sajal Shahood and Areeja Shahood.
Sajal Shahood
Shahood Alvi with her daughter Areeja Shahood.

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Areeja Shahood.
shahood Alvi daughters
shahood Alvi daughters
shahood Alvi daughters

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