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Fitna Drama Cast: Name & Picture – Hum TV


Fitna is a new drama serial that is airing on Hum TV. The lead cast of Fitna consists of famous Pakistani actors and actresses. Maria Malik will play the role of Huda. The leading male actors are Omer Shahzad and Shuja Asad, they play Arez and Azmir respectively. We also will see Sukaina Khan playing the role of Warda. Let’s take a look at the full cast of Ftina, their real names, pictures, and a little bit about the characters.

Fitna Drama Cast
Drama Title:Fitna
Channel:Hum TV
Duration:40 min
Timing:Daily at 7:00 p.m.
Release Date:15 September 2023
Directed By:Haseeb Ali
Written By:Seema Sheikh
Produced By:Momina Duraid

Fitna Drama Cast: Name & Picture

Hum TV drama serial Fitna cast includes the following actors:

Maria Malik as Huda

The main character of Fitna is Huda, played by Maria Malik. She is a sweet, innocent girl who loves her best friend, Warda. She also likes Warda’s brother Azmir, a handsome and rich boy. But Warda does not like Huda and Azmir’s relationship. She is very selfish and greedy and wants everything for herself, even her brother. She tries to ruin Huda’s life and happiness.

Fitna Drama Cast: Maria Malik as Huda

Omer Shahzad as Arez

Another important character in Fitna is Arez, played by Omer Shahzad. He is Huda’s brother and Warda’s love interest. Arez is a hardworking and honest boy who wants to make his career. He does not know about Warda’s evil plans.

Fitna Drama Cast: Omer Shahzad as Arez

Sukaina Khan as Warda

Sukaina Khan, a beautiful and talented actress, plays Warda. She has done many other dramas before, such as Tere Bin and Fasiq. Her future husband’s name is Bilal Siddiqui. Sukaina always plays negative roles very well. In Fitna, she is the villain who makes trouble for everyone.

Fitna Drama Cast: Sukaina Khan as Warda

Shuja Asad as Azmir

Shuja Asad, a new actor in the drama industry, plays Azmir. He became famous for his role in Pyaar Deewangi Hai with Neelum Muneer. Shuja is very charming and romantic. In the drama Fitna, he is the hero who loves Huda and protects her from Warda.

Fitna Drama Cast: Shuja Asad as Azmir

Danial Afzal Khan as Shaheer

Other characters in Fitna, such as Shaheer, played by Daniyal Afzal Khan, Azmir’s friend and Warda’s ex-boyfriend. He knows Warda’s true face and tries to warn Azmir about her.

Fitna Drama Cast: Danial Afzal Khan as Shaheer

Qudsia Ali

Actress Qudsia Ali

Farhan Ali Agha

Actor Farhan Ali Agha

Nadia Hussain

actress Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Kids, Drama List

Fitna is an inspiring and emotional drama that shows how friendship can turn into jealousy and how love can overcome hate. Tell me what you think about the recent episode of the drama Fitna. Which actors did an excellent job portraying good characters in the drama? Please add any comments you may have.

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