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Aima Baig’s sister, Komal Baig, has Welcomed a Son into the World

Aima Baig’s sister Komal Baig has been blessed with a baby boy. In addition to sharing the news, Aima Baig’s sister shared a picture of her with her newborn on her Instagram account. She named her son Mohammad Mustafa Salem.

Aima Baig

In the picture, Komal is holding her newborn son while her husband, Salem AQ, stands next to her, lovingly looking at him. The couple tied the knot in December 2020.

Aima Baig's sister Komal Baig with her newborn

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Komal Baig husband

It may surprise you to know that Komal Baig is a celebrated figure in the social media world. As well as managing her own social media accounts, Komal looks after her sister’s accounts as well.

Many of the fans and friends of Aima Baig’s sister have expressed their congratulations on the birth of her first child.

“Mashallah, may Allah grant him a long and healthy life. Congratulations to the whole family,” one user wrote.

Aima Baig's sister Komal Baig
Komal Baig

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Aima Baig's sister Komal Baig
Aima Baig's sister

“What a blessed moment for the family. May Allah blesses the little one and grants him a long and healthy life,” another said.

This is definitely a moment of joy for Komal Baig and Salem AQ and we wish them all the best for the future. Feel free to share your thoughts about the story!

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