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Rabia Anum and her Husband Looked Dazzling at a Recent Wedding


Rabia Anum is a well-known Pakistani news anchor, journalist, and host. She married Obaid Rehman, who works in Emirates Airline Dubai. The couple looked absolutely dazzling at a recent wedding event that they attended together. Throughout the ceremony, Rabia Anum husband, Obaid Rehman, stands out for his dapper sense of style.

Rabia Anum is also well-known for her impeccable sense of style. The couple is always dressed to the nines and they always look very elegant together.

News Ancor Rabia Anum

After just over five years of marriage, the couple has two beautiful children. Rabia Anum and her husband are both very successful in their respective careers. There is no doubt that they belong to one of Pakistan’s most powerful couples.

Rabia Anum and her husband Obaid Rehman are always supportive of each other’s work and they often attend events together. It is well-known within the Pakistani media and among the general public that the couple is very popular.

News Ancor Rabia Anum

The couple looked absolutely gorgeous at the recent wedding event and they were the talk of the town. Rabia was wearing a beautiful light brown open shirt gown with a pink dupatta and Obaid was wearing a black dress.

The couple was all smiles as they posed for the cameras and they looked very happy together. Rabia and Obaid are truly one of Pakistan’s most loved couples and they always look stunning together. Here are some recent pictures of Rabia Anum and her husband Obaid Rehman.

Rabia anum and Obaid Rehman
The two dancing at a recent wedding

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Obaid kisses her forehead during the wedding photoshoot.
Rabia anum husband
Rabia anum husband

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