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Pakistani Comedian Umar Sharif Passed Away at The Age of 66

Comedian Umar Sharif passed away in Germany today after a long illness. This bad news has depressed the atmosphere in Pakistan today. Many of his fans cried when they heard the news that Umar Sharif was no more. Omar Sharif, who was suffering from heart disease, was admitted to a German hospital at the last time.


Umar Sharif’s death was confirmed by his wife. After which news anchor Wasim Badami also shared this sad news with the audience on his official Twitter account.

Umer Sharif was considered one of the top comedians in Pakistan. He had won the hearts of millions with his funny and unique style of comedy. Umer Sharif did many live shows not only in Pakistan also around the world.

He was born on April 19, 1955, in Karachi, Pakistan. And he made a name for himself in the Pakistan entertainment industry by working hard day and night. And today, at the age of 66, he met his real creator. According to social media news, these are his last pictures, who taken during treatment in the German hospital.


We pray to Allah to forgive his sins and grant him a high position in Jannat Ul Fardoos. Ameen

Comedy King Umer Sharif has passed away

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