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Zarnab Fatima Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Mother, Sister, Wedding

Zarnab Fatima is a Pakistani TikTok and Instagram star. She has become an internet sensation due to her creative and entertaining content. She is a young and vibrant girl who loves to make people laugh with her funny videos and dance moves. Her fans love her for her contagious energy and enthusiastic nature. Take a look at the biography of Zarnab Fatima and discover the amazing facts that will leave you in awe.

Zarnab Fatima Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Mother, Sister, Wedding

Zarnab Fatima Biography:

Zarnab Fatima was born on 16 March 1998 in Karachi, Pakistan. She is a popular TikTok and Instagram star. She started her journey in the entertainment industry by posting videos on TikTok in 2019.

Zarnab quickly gained a large following on the app and even had the chance to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry. She also branched out to Instagram and created a fan base there as well.

With her success on TikTok and Instagram, Zarnab was able to establish her name in the entertainment industry. She is best known for her appearances on Bol TV’s show “Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga”. She is also regarded as one of the top influencers in Pakistan and has worked on numerous advertising campaigns.

Zarnab Fatima Biography:

Zarnab Fatima Age:

She is 25 years old. Her birthday is 16 March 1998.


She is a medical student in Karachi, where she is pursuing an MBBS degree.

Social Media Handles:

Height, Weight & Physical Stats:

In terms of height, she is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 48 kilograms.

Family of Zarnab Fatima:

Currently, Zarnab resides in Karachi along with her family. She has three siblings, Ahmed, a younger brother, Shadab Fatima, the oldest sister, and Hijab Fatima, a younger sister. Her father is a businessman by profession and her mother is a housewife.

Her parents are shown in the image
Zarnab with her brother Ahmed
An image of her sisters, Shadab Fatima and Hijab Fatima

Zarnab Fatima Husband:

Zarnab got married on 18 March 2023 to fellow TikTok star Laraib Khalid, whom she met on the platform. Their wedding ceremony was a star-studded affair, with Maaz Safdar, Rabeeca Khan, and Danish Taimoor participating in the event.

A beautiful picture of Zarnab and Laraib Khalid

Wedding Pictures

Zarnab wore an elegant gold dress embellished heavily with traditional jewelry on her wedding day. In the meantime, the husband of Zarnab Fatima complimented her in a gold sherwani.

A wedding photograph of her wearing a golden gown
She and her husband on the day of their wedding

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