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Hasan Rizvi With His Adorable Wife & Kids

Hasan Rizvi is a famous choreographer in Pakistan. He has choreographed in many Award shows like Hum Awards, Lux Style Awards, and Bridal Culture Week fashion show. Besides that, Hasan Rizvi is also the brother of Komal Rizvi, Who is a famous female singer in Pakistan.

Hasan Rizi is married and has three kids one daughter and two sons. But when you look at his pretty wife, she looks like a virgin. Looking at her innocent face, it doesn’t look like she is a mother of three.

On this Eid, Hassan Rizvi shared his photos with his wife and children for the first time on social media. The whole family looks amazingly beautiful. Let’s check out the adorable family pics of Hasan Rizvi.

hasan rizvi
Hasan Rizvi Wife 1
Hasan Rizvi with Wife
hasan rizvi with his wife and kids
Hasan Rizvi Wife
hasan rizvi family pics
wif of Hasan Rizvi
hasan rizvi family

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