Sarah Khan Is Going To Become Mother Of Her First Baby Soon

According to social media news, Sarah Khan is going to become the mother of her first baby soon. And her husband Falak Shabir has also started decorating the house to welcome his first baby. Keep in mind that Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir will be the parents of their first child. They are both unable to express the joy that is in their hearts and minds. But still, they both look very eagerly waiting for their first baby.

Sarah khan shares a Qurani ayat before going to the hospital

A few days ago, Sarah Khan took to Instagram and shared a picture of her with this caption, she said, she can no longer wait to take her baby in her arms. Of course, If you are going to be a parent for the first time, your happiness is invaluable.

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Sarah Khan has been staying at home for the last few months. Because she is in the last months of her pregnancy. While Falak Shabir is busy taking care of his beloved wife. But even in such situations, both do not forget their fans. They like to include all their fans in all their happiness.

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First Look of Sarah Khan’s Newborn Baby Nursery

That is why today, for the first time, Falak has shared a video of his unborn child’s room with fans. It can be seen in the video that Falak Shabir has lovingly decorated the room of his coming child. Check out the complete video given in below.

Here we would like to give you a piece of advice that in this situation you must remember your favorite actress in your prayers. And don’t forget to congratulate them both in advance of their first child.

Falak Shabir has also started decorating the house to welcome his first baby
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