Dua Zehra Video Message with Her Husband Zaheer Ahmed

In the wake of Dua Zehra video message with her husband Zaheer Ahmed, a major development has occurred in this case. All of you may know that Dua Zehra from the Golden Town area of Karachi has been missing for the past few days, and her disappearance has been discussed on social and print media. However, now there is good news about her as Punjab police have found her from Lahore, Pakistan.


Today, a recorded video of Dua Zehra with her husband Zaheer Ahmed has surfaced on the internet. In which she revealed that she is not 14 years old but she is 18 years old. She also revealed that she left the house voluntarily because her parents want to marry her to another guy. Currently, Dua Zehra lives in Lahore with her husband Zaheer Ahmed. She married Zaheer Ahmed in an intimate ceremony that took place a few days ago. Take a look at the latest video of Dua Zehra and watch what she says in it.

Dua Zehra Video!

Dua Zehra’s parents denied her Nikkah news and said that they’re enforcing her to do so! Check out the video below! Would you mind telling us if Dua Zehra should have humiliated her parents to get the marriage of her choice? Or should she have appealed to her parents for the marriage of her choice?


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