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Aiman Khan Looks a Barbie Doll in Her Recent Photoshoot

After her father’s death, Aiman Khan reentered the showbiz industry. The sudden death of his father had broken him. And She still remembers him every moment, Because there is no alternate for a kind and beloved father.

Aiman has done a photoshoot for her famous clothing brand A&M Closet. In which she is looking extremely young. And these new pictures of Aiman Khan’s went viral on social media. It can be seen in the pictures that she is wearing a blue frock. And she is having a photoshoot in her home gallery.

Aiman Khan’s sister Minal Khan is currently resting, after the drama series Jalan and Nand. On the other hand, Aiman Khan takes a break from the drama industry after marrying Muneeb Butt. But her followers, want to see it again in the new projects. However, she is spending quality time with her cute daughter and in-laws.

Aiman and Minal Khan have gained great fame at her early age. And they have launched their own personal clothing brand named A&M Closet. And her brothers Maaz Khan and Huzaifa Khan are handling it. The twin sisters like to wear eastern clothes. And for that, Thay also introduce eastern clothing in her brand A&M Closet. Which are also very much liked by the fans.

But today, We will see that Aiman is arranging an adorable photoshoot for her clothing brand A&M Closet. In the all pictures, it can be seen that she is wearing a royal blue frock. So let’s see some beautiful pictures from her new photoshoot.

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