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Adnan Raza Mir Biography, Age, Family, Father, Mother, Brother, Drama List

Adnan Raza Mir is a young and emerging actor in the Pakistani television industry. He is the younger brother of the well-known actor Ahad Raza Mir and the son of the legendary actor Asif Raza Mir. Let’s take a closer look at the biography of Adnan Raza Mir, age, education, physique, family, mother, father, brother, wife, and showbiz career.

Adnan Raza Mir Biography, Age, Family, Father, Mother, Brother, Drama List

Adnan Raza Mir Biography

Adnan Raza Mir is an actor and model from Pakistan. He was born in Canada and is currently residing in Pakistan. He is a talented actor and has a passion for acting that runs in his blood. Adnan has always looked up to his father and brother and aspired to follow in their footsteps.

Adnan was born in Canada and has been passionate about acting from a very young age. He made his acting debut in 2023 when he starred in Hum TV’s fairy tale drama serial Fairy Tale, along with actress Aena Khan. He portrays Sameer, a role that received a lot of acclaim from the audience and launched his career.

Adnan Raza Mir Biography

Adnan Raza Mir Age

He was born in 2001 in Canada. Currently, Adnan is 22 years old.


Adnan completed his education in Canada and Pakistan. He has not disclosed any details about his educational background, but it is safe to assume that he has received a quality education considering his family’s background.

Social Media Handles

He is quite active on social media and has a considerable following. He has over 73k followers on Instagram.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

He is a good-looking young man with an attractive physique. He stands tall at 5’10” and has a lean body type.

Adnan Raza Mir Family

Adnan comes from a family of actors. His father, Asif Raza Mir, is a legendary actor who has worked in the Pakistani entertainment industry for over four decades. Adnan’s elder brother, Ahad Raza Mir, is also a successful actor and has made a name for himself in the industry. Adnan’s family has been very supportive of his career and has encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

An image of his family consisting of his father, mother, and brother.

Adnan Raza Mir Father

Adnan’s father, Asif Raza Mir, is a well-known actor and producer in the Pakistani drama industry. Asif has appeared in several hit dramas and films and is known for his captivating performances. Asif has also produced several successful dramas, including Samudar, Tanhaiyaan, and Ishq Gumshuda.

He is with his father

Adnan Raza Mir Mother

The mother of Adana is Samra Asif Mir, a housewife who is well-known for her beauty. She may not be an actor, but she is an integral part of the family’s success. Samra Mir is a loving mother and devoted wife who supports her husband and sons throughout their careers. Her beauty and grace have made her a fan favorite, and people often make comments regarding how strikingly beautiful she is.

He is with his mother

Adnan Raza Mir Brother

He is the younger brother of Ahad Raza Mir, a well-known actor in the industry. Ahad has worked in several successful dramas, such as Yakeen Ka Safar and Ehd-e-Wafa.

He is with his brother

Adnan Raza Mir Wife

Adnan is unmarried. The actor has often been linked to his best friend, actress Noor Zafar Khan. However, both Adnan and Noor have maintained that they are just good friends.

Showbiz Career

Adnan made his acting debut with the drama serial “Fairy Tale” on Hum TV. The drama received a lot of appreciation from the audience, and Adnan’s performance was highly praised.

Drama List

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