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Iqra Aziz Dresses in Mannat Murad Drama: Prices and Details

Mannat Murad lead actress, Iqra Aziz, has left an indelible mark with her stellar performance in the drama, captivating audiences with her acting and stunning wardrobe. The excitement surrounding the details of Iqra Aziz dresses in Mannat Murad has been relentless among drama enthusiasts, and here we unveil the designer names, pictures, and intricate details of her captivating outfits.

Iqra Aziz Dresses in Mannat Murad

Iqra Aziz wardrobe in Mannat Murad exemplifies the seamless fusion of elegance and style. The actress donned creations from various Pakistani designers, each contributing to her impeccable looks in the drama.

In the Mannat Murad drama, Iqra Aziz was spotted wearing a customized ensemble by the clothing brand Hussain Rehar, styled by the talented Sania Sohail. ‘Eclipse’ also features an outfit ranging from PKR 124,000 to PKR 133,800, which is in demand right now.

In a scene, Iqra Aziz wore pastel pajamas by Sleepy Secrets with Rabya Kulsoom in the same frame. She later shared some candid pictures on her Instagram handle of their wonderful camaraderie. Take a look at the pictures!

Additionally, Ansab Jahangir’s designs adorned Iqra in various scenes, showcasing the versatility of her character’s style. The wedding scenes were a visual feast, with Iqra Aziz donning breathtaking outfits that accentuated her beauty.

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From the customized Hussain Rehar ensemble to her casual yet graceful attire, every outfit worn by Iqra Aziz in Mannat Murad reflects a perfect blend of fashion and character portrayal.

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