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Salman Iqbal Family Pictures with His Wives & Daughters

Salman Iqbal is a well-known Pakistani businessman and entrepreneur who is the owner of ARY Group, a conglomerate of businesses ranging from television networks to gold trading. He is also the proud owner of the PSL team Karachi Kings. Check out the family of Salman Iqbal, which includes both his wives and daughters.

Salman Iqbal Family

Salman Iqbal is a family man at heart, and his family is very important to him. He has been married twice in his life, and both his wives are integral parts of his life. Here is a collection of Salman Iqbal’s family pictures, which show the love and bond he shares with his wife, sons, and daughters. It is obvious that this man treasures every moment spent with his family.

Salman Iqbal family

Salman Iqbal First Wife Name & Pictures

Initially, Salman Iqbal married Sabeen Iqbal. She is very private and rarely seen in public. Sabeen Iqbal lives in Dubai with her children and is a doting mother to her four kids.

Salman Iqbal with his First Wife
A picture of his first wife Sabeen Iqbal
A beautiful picture of Sabeen Iqbal from Dubai

Salman Iqbal Kids from First Wife

During his first marriage, Salman had four children with Sabeen Iqbal, two daughters, and two sons. The eldest daughter of Salam Iqbal is Sumaiya Salman and the youngest daughter is Sarah Salman. Salman has two sons named Shayaan and Shayil.

Salman Iqbal with his kids from first wife

Salman Iqbal’s Second Wife Name & Pictures

In his second marriage, Salman Iqbal married Sonya Khan. She is a prominent figure in the Pakistan entertainment industry. Sonya Khan lives in Pakistan with her daughters and is a proud mother of her two kids.

Salman Iqbal with his second wife

Salman Iqbal’s Daughters from Second Wife

Soniya Khan and Salman Iqbal have two daughters, Sybil Salman, and Sireen Salman. They share a close relationship and a strong bond. Salman Iqbal is an active father who takes an active interest in the schooling of his daughters.

Salman Iqbal with his daughters Sybil and Sireen.

We wish Salman Iqbal and his family all the happiness and success in life. The rare family photographs of Salman Iqbal display his love for his family and affection for them.

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