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Mannat Murad Drama Cast: Name & Picture – Geo TV

Mannat Murad is a new engaging drama serial on GEO TV. Firstly, let’s take a look at some basic information about Mannat Murad before discussing the cast and characters.

The first episode of the drama is scheduled to air on September 26, 2023, and will be broadcast on GEO TV every Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 PM.

The drama is directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain and written by Nadia Akhtar. Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani are the production team behind the drama, which is produced under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment.

Mannat Murad Drama Cast Name and Pictures

Mannat Murad Drama Cast: Name and Picture

The lead cast of Mannat Murad consists of famous Pakistani actors and actresses. Iqra Aziz will portray the role of Mannat. The leading male actor is Talha Chahour and he will play the role of Murad. In addition to the talented lead cast, the drama boasts a strong supporting cast that brings important characters to life on screen. Mannat Murad drama full cast includes:

Iqra Aziz as Mannat

Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz stars as Mannat in the drama “Mannat Murad.” Her character comes from a wealthy background and marries Murad, a middle-class guy, in the storyline.

Mannat Murad Drama Cast

Iqra Aziz Stunning Pictures with her sister Sidra Aziz from a Family Wedding

Talha Chahour as Murad

Talha Chahour plays Murad, the only brother of four sisters, living with his widowed mother.

Mannat Murad Drama Cast: Talha Chahour as Murad

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Rahat Ghani

Actress Rahat Ghani

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Irsa Ghazal

Actress Irsa Ghazal

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Tipu Sharif

Actor Tipu Sharif

Rabya Kulsoom

Mannat Murad Drama Cast

Noor Ul Hassan

Actor Noor Ul Hassan

Mizna Waqas

Actress Mizna Waqas

Uzma Hassan


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Faiza Gillani

Actress Faiza Gillani

Sana Nadir

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Mustafa Changazi

Actor Mustafa Changazi

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Rehma Zaman


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Ali Safina

Actor Ali Safina

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Anam Tanveer

Actress Anam Tanveer

Parveen Akbar

Actress Parveen Akbar

Munnat Murad Drama Story

Mannat Murad drama story revolves around the life of Mannat. She hails from an innovative family that prioritizes love, care, and respect for individual choices. After her parents tragically pass away, Mannat finds comfort from Nafees who lavishes his love upon her as her elder brother and becomes her source of comfort.

On the flip side, there’s Murad, who hails from a conservative family where his mother’s authority guides his life choices. As the sole son, Murad carries the weight of fulfilling his family’s expectations. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, Mannat and Murad’s hearts find each other, and they fall in love deeply.

However, the interference of their families creates misunderstandings, putting their bond to the test. Can Mannat and Murad’s love withstand the hurdles? Will their families find common ground? These are questions that will keep you hooked!

Mannat Murad | Tomorrow | Ft. Iqra Aziz, Talha Chahour

So, there you have it, the scoop on Mannat Murad drama, its talented cast, and the intriguing storyline. Let us know your favorite actor and character in the drama, comment below!

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