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TikTok Star Ayesha Akram and Rambo Vacationing in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Ayesha Akram is a Pakistani TikTok star. She makes lip-sync videos on the TikTak app. Mostly, she makes funny content and uploaded it on Tiktok.

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She is also one of those Pakistani TikTokers who became famous overnight. She became a famous celebrity overnight, But for this, Ayesha Akram also had to go through a lot of hardships.

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Ayesha Akram is the girl with whom 400 men tried to rape her in the shadow of Minar Pakistan. According to social media news, she had invited her fans to meet him on August 14 at Minar e Pakistan. In which her fellow TikTokers had to participate. After which this heartbreaking incident happened with Ayesha Akram.

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Videos of the Minar Pakistan incident spread like wildfire on social media. In which it was clear how Ayesha had to go through pain.

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And today, to forget this sorrow and grief, Tiktok Star Ayesha Akram has gone on a holiday to the northern areas of Pakistan with her very close friend Rambo. Where they are both having a good time. Ayesha and Rambo both look very happy together. So let’s take a look at some of Ayesha Akram’s latest photos.

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