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IHC Approves Return of ‘Hadsa Drama’ to TV Screens Post PEMRA Ban

On August 30, Geo television network’s drama Hadsa was subject to an indefinite ban due to depictions depicting real-life accounts from survivors of sexual violence who felt that this show offended them personally and millions of other survivors like her. Now, Islamabad High Court has approved the premiere of Hadsa Drama on TV.

IHC Approves Return of 'Hadsa Drama' to TV Screens Post PEMRA Ban

Why Did PEMRA Ban Hadsa Drama?

Geo Television Network’s drama ‘Hadsa’ faced an indefinite ban for depicting real-life accounts of sexual violence survivors. Hadiqa Kiani played the lead role of Taskeen in the drama. Zanjabeel Asim Shah, Shazia Wajahat, and Wajahat Rauf wrote and produced this drama. For the cast details, check our earlier article ‘Hadsa Drama Cast‘.

PEMRA ban on Hadsa Serial Overturned by IHC

However, good news arrived on September 18, 2023, when Islamabad High Court permitted Hadsa to be broadcast on Har Pal Geo television.

A  Screenshot of IHC decision on Hadsa drama
A  Screenshot of IHC decision on Hadsa drama
A  Screenshot of IHC decision on Hadsa drama

Wajahat Rauf, a renowned Pakistani television and film producer, shared this exciting news via Instagram: he wrote, “The Honourable Islamabad High Court has allowed our fictional character Taskeen, to tell her inspirational story of getting justice for herself and all other survivors like her. Taskeen’s story is about how she became a survivor instead of a victim with the resolute struggle for justice. We are grateful that viewers will see the story in its entirety”.

Not everyone welcomes Hadsa back with open arms; numerous social media users have voiced their displeasure with the court’s decision on social media platforms like Twitter.

This situation is complex at its heart, with strong emotions on either side. No matter your opinion on Hadsa’s future on screen or not, her story continues to stir significant discussion and debate.

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