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Memoona Qudoos Wedding Pics with Her Husband

Memoona Qudoos, the talented Pakistani drama actress, recently shared breathtaking pics of her wedding with her husband Sohail, captivating fans with their love story.

Actress Memoona Qudoos

The stunning actress, also a model, host, and voiceover artist, made her mark in the entertainment industry with her debut in the 2017 drama “Mohabbat Zindagi Hai” on Express TV.

Currently, Memoona graces the screen as Shehnaz in the popular drama “Jaise Aapki Marzi” on ARY Digital.

Memoona Qudoos Wedding Pics

Memoona lives in Karachi with her family. Her wedding journey with Sohail began with their engagement in 2011, a chapter that set the stage for their enduring love story.

Memoona Qudoos and Sohail on the occasion of their engagement

The couple finally exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony in 2019, and Memoona has now shared delightful snapshots of their joyous union. Have a look!

Memoona Qudoos with her father on the day of her wedding
Memoona Qudoos Wedding Pics
Memoona Qudoos Wedding Pics
Memoona Qudoos Wedding Pics with husband Sohail

The enchanting photos capture the essence of their love, leaving fans eager to witness more of the couple’s beautiful journey together. Memoona Qudoos and Sohail’s wedding photos truly reflect the magic of their love, creating a cherished album of memories that fans adore.

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