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Qasim Ali Mureed and Sadia Jabbar Wedding Pictures


Qasim Ali Mureed Tied the knot with Sadia Jabbar in an intimate ceremony. And I am going to share with you Qasim Ali Mureed and Sadia Jabbar wedding pictures. But before that, I would like to introduce you to both of them. So let’s dig into Qasim Ali Mureed and Sadia Jabbar’s biographies.

Qasim Ali Mureed is a drama and film director in the Pakistan production industry. He has directed many drama serials such as Hania, Aangan, and Be Inteha. Moreover, He has directed a Pakistani movie named Tich Button.

As for Qasim, he is already married, and Fia Khan his first wife, is a very popular Pakistani model. Both have a daughter Amelia. After the couple’s separation, His daughter Amelia lives with her mother Fia Khan.

Fia Khan, His ex-wife, married a Turkish man in Germany after the divorce. Qasim Ali Mureed is now married to television producer Sadia Jabbar.

Sadia Jabbar is a Pakistani television and film producer. She is the founder of Sadia Jabbar Production. She produces drama serials for Pakistani private TV channels. Sadia produces its first feature film Balu Mahi in 2016.

She produced a super hit drama sera Mere Bewfa in 2018, which aired on A-Plus Tv. Let’s have a look at Qasim Ali Mureed and Sadia Jabbar wedding pictures.

qasim ali muredd and sadia jabbar wedding card
mehndi picture of sadia jabbar
sadia jabbar wedding pictures
sadia jabbar wedding pictures 3
sadia jabbar mayun dress
sadia jabbar wedding pictures 2
sadia jabbar bridal look
tv producer sadia jabbar tied the knot
qasim ali muredd and sadia jabbar

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