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Khaled Anam Family: Meet His Wife, Son, & Daughter

Khaled Anam, the beloved Pakistani television actor, singer, and musician, is not just an artist but a human with a heartwarming family story. Beyond the glitz and glamour, his life is a blend of passion and love for both his art and his family. Let’s meet the actor Khaled Anam family, including his pretty wife, son, and daughter if he has one.

Khaled Anam Family: Meet His Wife, Son, & Daughter

Khaled Anam Family:

Khaled Anam was born into a family with deep artistic roots in Karachi. His father, who was originally from Madras, India, served as a member of the British Army, while his mother, who is a former Radio Pakistan singer, is originally from Sialkot, Kashmir.

Khaled Anam Family Group Photo

Khaled began his own artistic journey within this artistic environment. In 1982, he became a significant figure in Pakistan’s television industry after beginning his career by strumming the guitar and performing in theater.

Meet Khaled Anam Wife Tehmina Khalid

Khaled Anam tied the knot with beautiful Tehmina Khalid in a private wedding ceremony. Her wife is a fashion journalist.

Khaled Anam wife Tehmina Khalid

Together, Khaled and Tehmina walked the highs and lows of life, adding an edge to media and entertainment. Tehmina isn’t just his wife; she’s his confidant, his partner in creativity, and his unwavering support. Check out the wedding pictures of Khaled Anam with his wife Tehmina Khalid below!

Khaled Anam Wedding Picture

Khaled Anam Son:

Khaled Anam has two sons, Komail and Ammar, who make him happy and fulfilled. Despite not having a daughter, Ammar and Komail make up for it through their talents and passions.

Ammar and Komail

Ammar, the elder son, possesses a love for music similar to his father’s and is determined to produce melodies of his own. Check out the latest pictures of Ammar, the elder son of Khaled Anam!

Khaled Anam Elder son Ammar

Komail, the younger son, has followed in his father’s footsteps and is now a successful actor, appearing in popular dramas such as Sinf-e-Aahan. Check out the attractive pictures of Komail, the youngest son of Khaled Anam!

Khaled Anam Younger son Komail

Does Khaled Anam Have a Daughter?

Pakistani actor Khaled Anam does not have any daughters.

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